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Christmas Closure Notice

Our office will be closing for the Christmas holidays from Tuesday 22nd December 2015 at 3pm (QLD) and re-opening on Wednesday 6th January 2016 at 8.30am (QLD). We wish you and your family a safe, happy and healthy holiday season. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! CHJ Financial Team

More Bang for your Buck

Start planning NOW to maximise your tax refund next year! We do a lot of tax returns. One thing we constantly hear our clients say is “I didn’t know I could claim that!” or “I wish I had kept my receipts!” What’s the best way to avoid disappointment at tax time? Start planning NOW. To help our clients we’ve been giving them a report of what strategies they can implement to maximise their refund next financial year. Here are our top 3 strategies: Keep a Log Book for your Motor Vehicle Expenses If you use your motor vehicle for work…

What steps do you need to take to grow your business sale value?

Steps to Success What steps do you need to take to grow your business sale value? Business owners are always great at what they do. They know their business inside and out. But what happens when it’s time to sell your business? Do you have the results you need to justify the price you want? Most of the time, business owners need to start working on their business instead of in their business. What we are doing to help our business clients is acting as the external advisor to their business, helping them follow the three steps essential to building…

The minimum wage rises again!

1.8 million Australian employees receive a 2.5% pay increase. From 1 July 2015, the minimum wages in Australia are set to rise by $16 a week. It has been ruled that all Modern Award minimum wage rates and the National Minimum Wage will increase by 2.5%. This means Australia’s minimum wage will go from $640.90 per week to $656.90, or $17.29 per hour. It’s been reported that more than 1.8 million Australians who are paid the National Minimum Wage or an Award Minimum Wage will be directly affected by the ruling of the Fair Work Commission. As an employer, what…

Establish a Self-Managed Super Fund and legally pay NIL tax

Establish a Self-Managed Super Fund (SMSF) How to make it your familys wealth VAULT and legally pay NIL tax Everyone is talking about SMSFs these days. Recent changes to the laws for operating SMSFs have in our opinion made them an option that every one of our clients needs to consider. Very simply, a SMSF is a super fund that you fully control. You make all the investment choices including shares, managed funds, property, and cash. SMSFs can now borrow from a bank to purchase investment properties. Strategy Choosing the right STRATEGY for your SMSF is the key. Heres a…

Tax Planning starts NOW!

There’s five key things that all business owners MUST consider RIGHT NOW. Three of them are brilliant wealth creation ideas. Please read on! 30 June is only 13 weeks after the beginning of April. Its not a long time at all. This year let’s try and use all of them. Too often, we end up suffering because we have procrastinated and not made a positive decision to do something. If we all leave your tax planning until the end of May and early June, quite frankly there may not be enough time to do anything significant to legally reduce your…

The two biggest expenses you will ever have

In your lifetime you will encounter many, many expenses. Doctors and dentists, cars and houses, repairs and replacements but there are two expenses that dwarf them all. TAX & RETIREMENT Retirement Think about it, when you retire you stop working, that doesn’t mean your expenses stop rolling in. How much will you really need in retirement? The average life expectancy for Australian males is approximately 80 years of age and 84 for females. So when did you say you wanted to retire? It doesn’t matter how old or young you are its time to start taking your retirement seriously. Who…

What does the Reserve Bank rate cut mean for you?

Earlier this month, the Reserve Bank of Australia slashed the official cash rate by 25 basis point to a record low of 2.25 per cent. What does this mean for you? CHJ Financial finance expert, Eddie Harrison, has the answers. Cheaper loans By banks passing on the savings, money will be cheaper, meaning home buyers can lock in finance at a lower rate – leaving more money in your pocket. Savings, of course, depend on the amount borrowed. Based on an average Gold Coast loan size of $500,000 and an interest rate of 4.69%, home owners paying both principal and interest…

We’re a lucky country, but will you have enough for retirement?

If you were to watch the news recently (by recently I mean in the last 2 decades) you would think that Australia maybe about to lose its ‘Lucky Country’ tag. However research released by Credit Suisse Research Institute has Australia fairing very well in the wealth rankings. The richest nations in the world are classed as those with a wealth per adult figure of over USD 100,000. Below is a table ranking these nations in order of wealth per adult. *Dollar appreciation and strong equity performance has resulted in this significant increase and new world record for the Swiss. Australia…

Lets make your money work better for you!

Happy New Year to our valued clients and friends, If you’re considering a new car, home or want to be smarter with your money in 2015, CHJ Financial now has a dedicated finance arm available exclusively to our clients. Introducing Eddie Harrison. With extensive financial and accounting experience, Eddie can offer you expert advice and extremely attractive rates for car loans, home loans, investment loans and Self Managed Superannuation Fund loans. As part of the CHJ Financial team, Eddie will work closely with Shaun, James and the team to make the process simple for you. More importantly, the team will ensure your debt is structured effectively,…

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