Celebrating Live Life Week
Go on Live Life, I dare you!!!!

Did you know this week is Live Life Week? CHG Integrated Wealth is holding Live Life Week, to remind Australians about the importance of financial planning and living life.

The theme for this year is “Live the Dream” and I think it’s a great reminder of why we need a plan in place to realise our biggest dreams. After all, financial planning is not just about numbers – it’s about deciding what we want out of life, then putting in steps to achieve it. It’s also a nice reminder about the importance of financial independence – whatever life stage we find ourselves at.

Something you might find interesting is the Financial Planning Association (FPA) Live the Dream Report (August 2017) which has some eye opening insights into the traits, attitudes and behaviours of Australians who feel they are living the dream. The report highlights that one in four Australians believe they are living the dream, and those who are “mostly” or “definitely” living the dream are three times more likely to seek advice from a financial planner.

The report deep dives into how we are going as a nation at living out our dreams and is well worth a read.

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Are you living your dream life? (Video)

Financial planning starts with understanding what's important to you and your family. If you are not living the life that you have always wanted, so far, then talking to a financial planner to identify what you want and map out a plan, is a good place to start.

People who plan have more control of their lives because they can see options to move forward. This provides them with a sense of security and happiness, without fear of regret. And for many of us that’s what living the dream is about.

Hear from 7 Aussies from different walks of life about living the dream.

Balancing career, family and time (Video)

Australians who are living their dream are planners. They believe in their ability to create the life they want and they are not afraid to ask for help or seek advice (FPA Live the Dream research report).

Here Christina and Richard Taylor explain how meeting a financial planner opened their mind to new possibilities for their careers, family and love for travel.

Go on Live Life, I dare you!!!!

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