CHG Integrated Wealth would like to play its part in assisting businesses and individuals to recover, and thrive, post COVID-19. We know how much everyone has been pleased to see the grants from the different state and federal governments, so we thought we’d make our own

There are 2 grants you can apply for:

1. CHG Small Business Grant

Valued at $1,000. We are giving away 5 of these grants.

As part of this grant, we are offering the following

A review of your:

  • business structure:
    • financial position including cash flow and profitability
    • general business performance
  • A second opinion if you are pay too much tax
  • Some general tips and strategy, tailored to your business on how to recover and thrive post COVID
  • A meeting with one of CHG’s directors and an accounting manager to discuss key points


  • Be a small business with turnover of greater than $75,000 and up to $10m
  • Have a minimum of 3 employees
  • Business be based within 100km of the CHG office


2. CHG Essential Worker Grant

Valued at $1,000. We are offering 10 of these grants.


Be a CHG defined Essential Worker. The definition is fairly broad, in that it was anyone who continued to work over the past 3 months to assist to keep the country going.

As part of this grant, we are offering the following:

  • A basic 2020 tax return completed free of charge
  • A complimentary review of your personal financial position, including a meeting with a senior advisor to discuss and areas we identify that can be improved upon
  • A complimentary home loan review to ensure you are not paying too much interest