We offer businesses key equipment finance solutions. Whether you want to grow your business, generate more revenue, or save time and labour costs, we can assist you to achieve these goals by securing a great equipment finance deal.

One of the primary reasons most businesses opt for equipment finance is that it allows them to buy equipment without eroding their working capital. Therefore, it has become one of the most widely chosen finance options for several business owners who want to improve their cash flow management.

Our Equipment Finance Advisors Streamline the Loan Application Process

Our advisers can arrange leases and loans on an array of equipment. From pizza ovens, yellow goods to office furniture and more, we have you covered. We have successfully helped a diverse number of businesses from different sectors loan and lease equipment.

Whether you operate in the construction, industrial, or corporate sector, consult with one of our experienced equipment finance advisers on how you can secure a good deal.

Who Requires Equipment Finance?

If you want to expand and grow your business but are struggling to afford the new equipment, equipment finance is here to help.

To provide you with an array of options, our experts will listen to your requirements, understand the situation, introduce you to a variety of different finance options, show and compare packages from reputable lenders, present you with the appropriate loan at a competitive rate, and guide you through the entire equipment finance application process. We will hold your hand through the whole process and make sure you get what you need.

You Will Save Time, Money, and Stress

By opting for equipment finance, you remove the requirement to spend lucrative amounts of money on equipment by allowing yourself to lease or rent the items instead for a specified duration. For instance, you can buy forklifts, vehicles, telephone systems, industrial machinery, IT hardware, and other types of plant and assets with an equipment finance loan.

Additionally, businesses that want to improve and manage their cash flow will benefit from an equipment finance loan. An example of this is finance companies that want to take seasonal cash flow variation into consideration while establishing a payment plan.

Different Types of Equipment Finance Loan

You need to decide on the type of equipment loan you want to apply for. Some types of equipment finance loans include finance leases, hire purchase, and equipment loans. A hire purchase loan is for businesses that want to own their assets once they have paid all of the monthly payments.

A finance lease is when a business negotiates a new arrangement once the existing contract has expired, and either select to lease a new item or continues to lease the existing item. This allows the business access to the newest available equipment without constantly spending money to own them.

Equipment loan is fixed interest loan. This type of loan is secured by a mortgage rather than an asset and offers businesses some basic tax benefits. For instance, they do not have to pay the GST on loan repayments.

Our equipment finance advisers will assist you in your search to find an option that meets your requirements and suits your business needs.

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