In Australia, investing in real estate can be very lucrative. However, making the wrong investment may hinder your future investment potential. To avoid this, talk to our mortgage brokers and financial advisors to guide you and help you make a decision that is beneficial and helps you achieve your goals.

Factors to Consider When Selecting an Investment Loan Option

The investment loan option you select should be based on your current financial situation, your personal investment goals, and your risk profile. Here are four factors to consider when opting for an investment loan option:

  1. Prepare to provide us with information and details on the money saved to make a deposit, home equity, investment property costs, and investment strategies.
  2. Find your perfect property to invest in by reviewing guides available for the prospective property, inspection checklists, and property reports, detailing the latest insights and trends on the real estate market.
  3. Ensure the lender finds your financial health to make loan repayments satisfactory to sign off on your loan application. The lender considers your income, expenses, and other liability as well as your ability to make the repayments in the event the interest rate changes.
  4. Speak with one of our mortgage brokers to discuss the available home loan options, investment strategies, tax considerations, and more.

Avoid Repeating the Same Mistakes as First Time Investors Have Before You

Often first-time investors make the decision to buy a property without the guidance and advice of a finance professional, leaving them with a mediocre property that offers little to no return. It is not uncommon to hear stories on how first-time investors paid a large deposit to secure an investment property when they could have easily used the equity in their home or previous investment property to obtain it.

If you want to make money off your investment, you need to focus on certain areas of the country’s property market. If you want to grow your capital, focus on areas of the property market that offer the potential for price growth.

Our mortgage brokers can also secure an interest only loan, a principal and interest loan, an interest loan, or a line of credit depending on your specific investment strategy. All the options and strategies will be discussed when you consult with one of our expert mortgage brokers, and we will make sure you get the best deal possible for your requirements.

With our help, you will have a clear-cut strategy on how to secure a property, the location you need to invest in, and the best finance option to take. Call us today to schedule a consultation with a CHG mortgage broker.

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