We know how important it is for a business or professional to earn income; it is the lifeblood of your personal life. Therefore, just as important, if not more, is what you do with that money once it’s in your hands.

We help business owners and professionals structure their personal wealth, invest wisely and make the right decisions now so they can achieve their lifestyle goals.

We can assist you with:

Our client’s successes are very personal and relevant to their family’s goals. Most often our clients enjoy the success of accumulating and structuring their personal wealth to:

  • Pay mortgages off in advance
  • Be debt free sooner
  • Meet children’s education needs and support their dreams
  • Build wealth outside of their business or professional careers
  • Retire earlier
  • Increase their income and lifestyle in retirement
  • Live life, while building wealth, enjoying holidays, renovations and more
  • CHG has a dedicated professional team focused on helping you achieve your goals sooner!

Our Offering

The freedom of knowing you and your family have a strategy in place for fulfilling your dreams, removing stresses and concerns. The freedom of choice in your financial decisions based on a modelled, supported and educated position. The freedom of having planned for you and your family’s wealth accumulation and the freedom of living life along the way.

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